Health Benefits of Drinking Oolong Tea

If you are a big fan of tea, you have probably tried a lot of tastes and kinds, including oolong tea. It has become incredibly popular drink over the last 5 years in many countries. People stop drinking coffee and choose oolong. No wonder. It is rich in antioxidants, and contains vitamins such as A,B,C,E, minerals like copper, calcium, manganese, etc. Just like green and black tea, oolong drink is made from leaves of Camellia sinensis. The leaves get fermented and acquire its unique taste that sometimes reminds a taste between black and green tea. However, this tea is totally different from green tea. Green tea should be heated to undergo oxidation, and oolong leaves are kept in certain conditions that allow them to oxidize.

Healthy Benefits of Oolong

Chinese scientists and doctors have dedicated a lot of time researching this tasty drink. Only after exploration of healthy benefits of the drink, the rest of the scientific world has become immensely interested. Today, oolong is one of the most popular drinks in eastern medicine. So what are the benefits of drinking oolong?

  • Help lose weight. A study conducted in Japan in 2003 showed that the drink has a positive impact on lipid metabolism when consuming on regular basis. It contains useful polyphenolic compound that helps control metabolism. This compound enhances fat cells in the body due to enzymes activation. In one of the studies a mice was on a high-sugar diet but it was also given oolong tea. Despite sweet dies, it continued to lose weight.
  • Prevents cancer. The tea has polyphenolic compound, which is also a preventive tool from cancer, especially stomach cancer. It blocks formation of N-nitroso compounds that can lead to negative results.
  • Treatment for diseases. The drink is used for treating diabetic disorder of the second type as a supplement. Useful compound of the teas help regulate amount of blood sugar and insulin. In combination with medicine it can balance the level of sugar in the blood and stop sudden drops.
  • Reduce stress. Chinese tea ceremony is proved to be relaxing and stress reducing. However, you do not have to arrange ceremony every time you drink tea to get relaxed. You should constantly drink oolong. It has been explored that the drink can remarkably reduce stress. The same compound that helps battle diabetes, is believed to be a stress buster.
  • Improve your health. Unlike other drinks like coffee, oolong protects your teeth from decay. It makes bone structure stronger, and prevents osteoporosis.

All in all, among other healthy benefits you will see improved mental performance, better health condition and mindset. It is not only a tasty drink, it is also incredibly healthy.

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