The fear of traveling or hodophobia is a severe problem for some people. That’s because it can prevent you from traveling to visit your friends and family. It can also make going to work a daily challenge. Although you may think avoiding travel altogether can help, it will only worsen your situation. Luckily, you can follow these tips to manage your fear of traveling.

Create and Stick to a Plan

Planning a transportation mode, where you intend to go, and time can make you feel like you’re in control of the journey. That way, you can avoid feeling the pressure to travel at specific times or do things when not prepared. Essentially, avoid traveling spontaneously if possible because fear of the unknown can worsen your concerns and worries.

Get a Travel Companion

Ask a loved one, a co-worker, or a friend to accompany you during a trip. Such support is helpful, especially when going on a long journey. Also, let your companion know about your travel fears before leaving. That way, they can prepare to help if you need extra support.

Arrive Early

Habitual avoidance makes people with travel avoidance late. You can also arrive for an appointment, at the airport, or on other commitments in time. However, you can also miss a flight due to this habit. And such situations will only worsen the anxiety. Therefore, try to arrive early to prevent these issues. Early arrival will also enable you to relax and prepare for travel.

Avoid Night Caps and Caffeine

Being a stimulant means caffeine can escalate your anxiety symptoms. Therefore, limit tea, energy drinks, and coffee on your travel day. Also, avoid alcohol because its dehydrating effects will only worsen your anxiety.

Eat Healthy Foods

Avoid processed foods because they can also worsen your anxiety symptoms. For instance, eat vegetables before and during the trip. Also, carry healthy snacks like nuts, granola bars, and whole-grain crackers.

Apart from these tips, engage in breathing exercises to tame your daily anxiety. Also, try these exercises if you feel anxious when traveling.

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