Secrets of Chinese Medicine: from Principles to Diagnostic Aid

Chinese medicine has healed people for centuries and become an essential system of medicine. The peculiarity of given treatment option is to prevent illness. Despite of orthodox medicine, Chinese one is intended on illness prevention; ancient therapy options have a meaningful effect on human health promoting recovery and overall well-being. The main aspect of TCM is that it treats the whole body, and not separate body parts.

What’s So Special About Centuries-long Medicine?

Human health depends on Qi energy which has to circulate through body without disruption. The disruption can be caused by stress, lack of sleep or activity, traumas or illness. In order Qi energy to properly circulate it’s necessary to receive required medical care, such as needle therapy, phytotherapy and other.

Ancient treatment options and diagnostic aid are unusual. There are four examinations which can help a doctor reveal any disease: looking, touching, asking and listening-smelling ones. During these examinations a patient is questioned and checked. The doctor pays special attention to the patient’s body shape, gestures, reactions, voice, manner of walking as well as the attention is paid to the person’s skin, ears, eyes and tongue. The professional also checks the areas of pain by touching them and takes pulse rate, it can easily reveal a disease of an organ system.

Intricacies of Treatment

TCM treatments differ from others. The treatment falls into one of the following categories: symptom relief, identification of the causes of disease and theirs elimination. Here are the most popular methods of TCM treatment:

  • needle therapy or acupuncture, such treatment gives a meaningful effect by means of numerous needles which are inserted through the skin into the special points in order to ease the pain;
  • phytotherapy, the most popular therapy method which usually requires a variety of different herbs such as ginseng, ginger, licorice, magnolia-vine, motherwort and many others;
  • moxibustion, this therapy consists of burning acupuncture points with a dried plant materials, needle therapy and moxibustion are often held together;
  • acupressure or Tui na, medical treatment based on pushing and squeezing in order to stimulate specific points and prevent any disease;
  • external ear stimulation, which also plays crucial role in disease prevention and pain relief. Some ear areas and points are connected with innards, so the stimulation helps to easily cure them.

Such treatment options are not only popular in China, but also in many other corners of the globe due to its effectiveness. All these ancient methods are safe having only a few side effects and contraindications. Given therapy has a real unique healing power which has been proved by numerous researches and which has already helped a great number of women and men all around the world.

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